Geocortex Name Change FAQ

Geocortex is now VertiGIS Studio! Read below for answers to some common questions you might have, including: 

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Why are you changing the name of Geocortex?
The Geocortex journey began in 1999 with the goal of helping people accomplish even more with their Esri ArcGIS® technology. While this goal has remained the same, how we help you get there has grown and changed over time as new technologies and deployment patterns have emerged. 

In 2017 we introduced the Geocortex 5-series – a family of standalone capability products and viewers representing the next step in our technology evolution – and have invested in these products to help them exceed the functionality and power of their predecessor, Geocortex Essentials. For the first time, product functionality was “un-bundled” for easier use and capabilities could be deployed within Esri’s viewers. Their modular nature has created a studio of products that you can mix and match to build the applications your end-users need, while still avoiding costly custom development.

Since then, we also joined VertiGIS, a global organization looking to empower users across industries with market-leading GIS solutions. With its robust and flexible framework, Geocortex 5-series products will serve as the foundation for the development of VertiGIS’ industry-specific solutions, while continuing to be offered as a standalone suite of products that help you build your own custom applications.

Today, our journey has brought us to the place where we are ready to select a name that better reflects our technology growth and vision for the future and captures the creative spirit Geocortex products offer.

Why "VertiGIS Studio?"
As we considered new names for the modern era of our product suite, we wanted to choose something that reflects the creativity of our customers and the solutions they build. 

The word "VertiGIS" connects the product suite to our global team, and our focus on empowering customers like you with GIS technology that solves real world problems.

The word “Studio” evokes the ideas of creativity and flexibility – two attributes we see time and time again in the way our customers leverage our products to create applications that are uniquely tailored to meet their specific requirements.


When will the name change happen? How long will it take?
Beginning January 26, 2022 you will start to see Geocortex replaced by VertiGIS Studio. This includes our website, on social media, in Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace, and in new releases of our products.

It will take a little while for everything to be updated, so you may see VertiGIS Studio appear in some places or some products before others, but we expect everything to be complete by early March.


Products, Licensing and Contracts

Which products are being renamed?
All of the products customers know as the "5-series" will now bear the VertiGIS Studio name. Geocortex Essentials will not be included in the name change.

See below for a full list of products affected.

Previous Name New Name
Geocortex Workflow VertiGIS Studio Workflow
Geocortex Printing VertiGIS Studio Printing
Geocortex Reporting VertiGIS Studio Reporting
Geocortex Web VertiGIS Studio Web
Geocortex Mobile VertiGIS Studio Mobile
Geocortex Access Control VertiGIS Studio Access Control
Geocortex Inline VertiGIS Studio Inline
Geocortex Item Manager VertiGIS Studio Item Manager
Geocortex Go VertiGIS Studio Go


We are currently using Geocortex Essentials. Does this mean we have to move to VertiGIS Studio? 
No, Geocortex Essentials will still be supported. However, if you are interested in the enhanced functionality available in VertiGIS Studio, please contact your Account Manager to learn more.


Does this mean that Geocortex Essentials will no longer be updated, too? Are there any plans to discontinue this application?

Nothing has changed with regard to maintenance releases for Geocortex Essentials and Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, which include some bug fixes and updates when needed for technology compatibility. We generally release two maintenance releases a year.

We have a calendar-based support policy, so each maintenance release ‘resets the clock’ on a full 5 years until product end-of-life. You can read more at: At some point we will indicate that a particular release of Geocortex Essentials / Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 is the ‘last planned release’ which will trigger a retirement date following the 5-year support window. We do not currently have plans to announce a last release or retirement date.


We are currently using Geocortex 5-series products. Do we need to move to VertiGIS Studio? 
Beginning January 26, 2022 all future versions of Geocortex 5-series products will be released under the VertiGIS Studio name. The full product suite should complete the renaming process by Q2 2022. This means that when you update your products to a version released after January 26, the name change will be automatically applied and visible to users wherever "Geocortex" or its logo previously appeared in the user interface.


Will the URLs I use to access my Geocortex products (e.g. be changing? If so, will the existing URLs auto-redirect?

Yes, there will be new URLs to reflect VertiGIS Studio. The old URLs will be left in place during the transition and there will be redirects in place for some time.


Will I need to reinstall my on-prem Geocortex products (e.g., Geocortex Workflow as part of the transition to VertiGIS Studio?

No. Nothing is required to be reinstalled just for the VertiGIS Studio name change. Future upgrades will follow the same process you always have, and the name change will be reflected. Once you update to the next version of Geocortex Workflow (which will be the first version of VertiGIS Studio Workflow!) you will notice the change to VertiGIS Studio.


Is the .msi install path changing on the server? (e.g., D:\Applications\Geocortex Workflow)

For both the IIS directory path and the on-disk paths, we’ve updated the installers so that new installations will use updated paths. Upgrades to existing installers will leave things as they are today.


Will the name change impact my product usage? 
No. The name change does not affect your access to or the functionality of your software.


Will this change impact our existing agreements with VertiGIS? Will we need to sign revised documents?
No, your existing agreements do not require revision. You may find current versions of our Master License Agreement, Maintenance and Support Policy, and their related addendums on our website's legal page.


Is this a corporate name change?
No, this name change is only for our products. Our legal/corporate name, VertiGIS North America Ltd., remains unchanged.


Online Resources, Community and Support

What will happen to Where will I find information, resources, or documentation?
Beginning January 26, 2022 the website will be updated and you will see the Geocortex name and logo replaced by VertiGIS Studio in our content. This includes a new URL of

Other online resources like the Documentation Center or Developers Center will be updating their URLs over time. Visiting the VertiGIS Studio website will always direct you to their current location, and we will make you aware as additional URLs are updated.

We are aiming to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. Redirects from URLs will be in place during the transition period to ensure you are able to find the information and resources you need.


What will happen to the Geocortex Community? 
We are launching a new VertiGIS Community experience on January 26, 2022 alongside the name change. Existing Community content will be migrated to the new Community platform, where you can continue to find articles, discussions, and access to support (including for Geocortex Essentials). 

To access the VertiGIS Community, visit While Community content continue to be publicly available, you will be required to sign in to contribute ideas, participate in discussions, or view support tickets. 

All users must create a new login for the VertiGIS Community. Please use the same email address you use to access ArcGIS Online in order for us to reconnect your Geocortex Community content - including open support tickets - with your new profile.


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